Thursday, January 28, 2010

UK Toyfair: Hasbro's Big Honkin AT-AT Update

No pics allowed, but we have this report from one lucky Star Wars Uber Geek who looked over the new At-AT and raped it with his eyes...

Neck seal is rubber! The head holds 6 figures, I was told, but it was a proto so no opening it. The bum opens for speeder bike. The thing is massive and rocks!! Foot to shoulder is my hand to yea.. its BIG!!!

Other Star Wars items on display included a Galactic Heroes AT-AT with Snowtrooper and bike that goes inside and Galactic Heroes Jango's Slave 1. Also seen were new Force Battlers (Anakin was shown), Mini Rip Speeders with launchers and a race track for them with an Octupria Spider droid playset. They also spotted Anakin with a mini Naboo cruiser type vehicle and a Mandalorian on a Speeder (perhaps from the new Clone Wars episode?)

If you've attended the show and were alowed to shoot like the lucky SOB's at Jedi News, send us your goods!!

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