Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Prince of Persia Toy Pics Surface

We've been taunting you with these for over a month and now, McFarlane Toys lets loose their sales department with some more marked up pics making all the characters look badly tattoo'd! Fun times. Pictured from the 4 inch line is Desert Dastan, Zolm (Lead Hassansin) and Setam (Human Porcupine Hassansin). This wave features 12 points are articulation...which makes up for the 6 inch preposed ones which appear to have next to no articulation at all. In the 6 inch line we have Warrior Dastan, Desert Dastan, Zolm and Ghazab (Double Bladed Halberd Hassansin.)

If you recall the stories we posted HERE and HERE, we mistakenly thought McFarlane was finally getting with the times and giving us some well articulated ACTION figures. Turns out those were the 4 inch figures. This begs another question. We had some images of sharp, awesome looking figures which we assumed were 6 inch and softer sculpts which we thought the 4 inch, since you lose detail as you scale down, unless you are Hasbro or Zizzle (Pirates of the Caribbean.) Now that we know they are all 4 inch, it is more likely that the sharper sculpts were of the 2-ups (larger prototypes) and the softer were actual production pieces. We aren't saying the final pieces will look that soft, but they may. If anyone is capable of putting out a 4 inch line with great sculpting, it's certainly McFarlane. Toyfair is looming, so I guess we'll find out soon enough!

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