Monday, January 25, 2010

More Retro DC Figures On The Way

This time we get word from Takara/Tomy about two new 1/6th scale (12 inches of kapowing plastic to you nubes) pieces you will probably start lining up for nowwww.

Joker and Batman come in a retro 80's looking style. This appears to be more of a comic look on the outfits and styling. Head, gloves, and shoes/ boots are all plastic with the body being semi soft with a wire frame. Basically, they are bendies with cloth outfits on. Joker's head is ball jointed. Joker's upper shirt area and walking stick, and Batman's belt also appear to be plastic. Joker's stick also MIGHT be molded to his hand. Both are due out in February. No word yet on who might send them over to the states.

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