Friday, January 15, 2010

Godfather Cartoon Series Coming?

No, but you'd think someone was trying to develop something equally wacky when you see this vinyl piece from MINDstyle...

Distributed through Sideshow Collectibles; created in conjunction with renowned artist Michael Lau, The Godfather ATC figure stands eight inches high, seated in the Don's signature chair. Price tag? $149.99 with only 500 made. For die hard collectors, this is most definately a must have, as NO ONE ever does anything new with the license, but I feel the public at large will look at the price tag and go WTF? It's vinyl, and in the collectibles world, vinyl means art, so don't look at it as a toy. Look at it as a 6 lb, limited edition hunk of vinyl that's too cool to play with your G.I.Joes.

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