Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Marvel Universe Pics

I'll get the moaning out of the way first. OH GOD WHYYYYY CAN'T WE GET NEW MARVEL LEGENDS FIGURES??!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

It really is sad...and I know it's sad...but I love the 6 inch figures so. I finally found Dum Dum Dugan the other day and almost cried in the middle of Times Square Toys R Us. Hasbro must deny me, like a super hot starlet who refuses to show off her goods. Our meeting at this year's Toyfair should be comical if they've been reading this blog.

At any rate, we told you about wave 3 and 4 of the Marvel Universe Secret Wars 2 packs HERE. We were only able to show you half the pictures then. NOW, we've got the rest. Check out Absorbing Man (with a lil tiny Wasp) & Dr. Doom, Thing and Bulldozer and Mohawk Storm and Nightcrawler. Click to make with the biggie.

We also thought we'd show off the newest characters to grace the abysmal 4 inch Spider-Man line. I'm refraining from posting half a dozen pictures of Spider-Man in his swim trunks, samurai gear, electrician's gauntlets and bee keepers getup. The funny thing is, if Hasbro would paint Spider-Man in his classic outfit choices under all that silly armor instead of these suits they are making up, I'd probably be out to buy them. Here's Rhino, Doc Ock in two awesome outfits and Hobgoblin. Rhino and Reg Armed Ock appear in series 2 while Hobgoblin and dayglo armed Ock will come in series 3. Welcome back, 90's.

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