Friday, January 1, 2010

The Clix Are A'Commin'!

NECA bought the Wizkids brand so that the geelkings of the world would stop sobbing big, dorito flavored tears. The assault has already begun, evident by a quick trip to the Super Hero isle of the local Toys R Us. Now the Wiz shows off the latest for 2010...

The first set capitalizes on the coming of Iron Man 2 to the big screen. The battle packs contain Ultimate Iron Man, Black Widow and Crimson Dynamo in one and Iron Man, Iron Monger and Nick Fury in the can get an Armor Wars Mega Pack with all 6 playing pieces, 6 character cards, 1 map, 1 rule sheet and dice. NECA is pushing the "game play straight out of the box" aspect of the Clix line in hopes kids will jump all over it. If there was ever a time for that to work, it would be now!

Next up, we have the Gremlins: Gizmo's Great Escape Game. You'll immediately notice some NECA sculpts from their Gremlins figure line, making this an instant buy for fans of the film, especially with the addition of the robber, card player and Santa gremlins.

Gizmo has been cornered in the kitchen by a gang of angry Gremlins. Play as Gizmo and try to make your way to safety, or play as Stripe and try to catch that pesky fur-ball once and for all!

The set contains 6 figures, 6 character cards and the game map.

The Freddy Vs Jason: Forest of Fear game looks like a direct re-release of the Freddy vs Jason Horrorclix set, minus some pieces.

Play as Freddy Krueger or Jason Vorhees, the two most horrifying movie villains of all time. Hunt your victims through a nightmarish maze of woods.

Set contains 6 high quality collectible 3-D miniatures, game cards, game tokens and a game map.

I've never played any of the Clix games myself, so I couldn't speak to how easy it is to jump into, but if pricing is better than the old game pieces, NECA might have the hit Wizkids never was able to achieve before. Taking them out of the blind boxes is certainly a step in the right direction!

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