Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hasbro Q4 Earnings Call Reveals Goodies

Thanks to our buddies at OAFE, we were tipped off to an extremely long transcript that was worth scanning. Here's the info we were able to pull

  • Add RISK (Sony) to Stretch Armstrong and Battleship films (Universal)
  • Stretch Armstrong will be in 3D
  • Working on scripts for Ouija and Candyland and Monopoly
  • Spider-Man reboot slated for Summer of 2012 release
  • G.I.Joe 2 could potentially be 2012 as well with a new writing team on board and a "very exciting take"
  • Brian Goldner - We are working on Transformers animation and would certainly see some Transformers both the opportunity for the classic Transformers as well as some new Transformers episodes to get out some time this year. I will tell you we’re also working on G.I. Joe the second movie and looking at animation whether that’s for late ’10 or ’11, we’ll make some decisions on that. Transformers 3 as a motion picture we’re well underway and working on a script, working with Michael Bay and Paramount.
  • Brian Goldner - I think one of the big mistakes we made on G.I. Joe was really just in the price point. It really had less to do with the enjoyment of property. In fact if you look at the DVD sales they were quite strong and property performed really well. At the lower price points G.I. Joe has performed very well, in fact we shipped G.I. Joe product in the fourth quarter and feel very good about, we did some research with consumers and see great consumer appetite for the brand. We’ve begun work on the second film as well as looking at television. For us it was more a matter of probably ignoring some of the price point challenges that are out there from a consumer spending standpoint as we developed the line 18 months ahead of the movie launch.

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