Friday, February 12, 2010

Basic Fun Bringing Back the KOOSH! Hippies Rejoice

Easy to pick up…hard to put down! That best describes the irresistible toy sensation – KOOSH! Now Basic Fun is bringing back the original KOOSH ball, under license from Hasbro, Inc., for a new generation of kids to enjoy.

Hundreds of colorful, soft strands of latex make the KOOSH ball fun to throw, easy to catch and just plain impossible to put down. The sound that the ball makes when you catch it, was actually the inspiration for its name. This combination of texture, sound and color makes KOOSH a timeless toy and irresistible plaything for kids of all ages.

Beginning in Spring 2010, Basic Fun will launch the original KOOSH in 6 hot color mixes, plus miniature KOOSH keychains. A variety of merchandising options, including Gravity Feed Displays and CDUs will be available to maximize in-store visibility. Then in Fall 2010, co-branded styles will be introduced to the mix. The original KOOSH ball will retail for $3.99, co-branded styles for $6.99, and keychains for $3.49.


  1. Whaaaaat?!?!? I knew that thing had a name! Instant happiness, the second I get it in my hand. I always thought shrinks should recommend that to patients apposed to that weird balloon that's filled with sand.

  2. Yeah really fun till you snap it and it rends your flesh like a thousand rubbery quills...then pick it up again and play some more:}

  3. Holy shit! Koosh balls! Those things smelled so weird, and tasted so bad...