Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: JAKKS Pacific

Is there life after the juggernaut called WWE?! Yes..yes there is. JAKKS aren't going anywhere and took on two battling titans this year, proving they are back in the game. UFC figures are hanging on the pegs of a Toys R Us near you and TNA Wrestling are on the way! JAKKS also blew us away when they announced that their Disguise division would be creating costumes based on Clive Barker paintings!!! We've got those nightmares for you in the flesh...or the fabric and plastic. We also covered a slew of kid's stuff including Spongebob, Pokemon, Penguin Island and the horror I call CABBAGE PATCH KIDS!! Heather made me do it. Hit the links and make it worth my sacrifice! AVENGE MEEEE!!!

Special Thanks to Anne-Marie and the JAKKS team for their attention and access (and feeding two starving reporters!) and Heather Buckley for her interview super powers! Note: Figures pictured are often not finished product. Final items may look different.

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