Thursday, February 11, 2010

JAKKS Pacific at US Toy Fair 2010

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. announces highlights of the Company’s top brands and product line-ups to be featured at the American International TOY FAIR held in New York City, February 14th-17th. The JAKKS Pacific® 2010 portfolio features innovative technology within the robust line-up of JAKKS™ core brands, including: Spy Net™, Girl Gourmet™, Real Construction™ and Plug It In & Play TV Games™, as well as the biggest licenses in children’s entertainment such as Toy Story®, Disney Princess®, Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC), Total Nonstop Action® (TNA), Hello Kitty® and Taylor Swift™, to name a few.

JAKKS’ diverse products for 2010 include:

Boys Action:

* Spy Net: JAKKS has excelled at combining high tech toys and cool trends for kids and families. Hot on the heels of the multiple-award winning Plug it in and Play TV Games and EyeClops® brands comes the Spy Net line. Not mere role play, Spy Net products take high end electronics and interactive experiences and put them in the hands of burgeoning young secret agents!
* UFC® and TNA® Action Figures: JAKKS’ UFC line-up is the most complete, authentic line of MMA action figure toys and collectibles on the market. With the TNA line, JAKKS demonstrates our expertise in developing exciting, authentic and collectible wrestling action figures in a line dedicated to celebrating the greatest wrestling superstars for the true collector!
* Plug It In & Play TV Games Motion™: The new line of Plug It In & Play TV Games Motion video games combines JAKKS’ Plug It In & Play TV Games technology with real accelerometer technology. With the reactive motion controller, now you can control the actions of your favorite characters as they replicate the gamer’s movements on the TV screen. New TV Games Motion™ titles expected to launch this year include Toy Story®, Triple Header Sports™, Disney Princess®, Phineas & Ferb® and Kitchen Kraze™.

Girls Products:

* Girl Gourmet: JAKKS continues to innovate the food play category with the new Girl Gourmet Chill Treats™ Dessert Maker, the sweet sequel to JAKKS’ award-winning Girl Gourmet® Cupcake Maker, Cake Bakery™ and Sweets™ lines. Girl Gourmet is the ultimate food activity brand that blends the latest in food, fashion and design trends into a fun, creative AND simple food play for today’s trendy gourmet girls.
* Taylor Swift: Four-time GRAMMY® award-winner, Taylor Swift had singles atop both the Country and Pop radio charts and sells out concert arenas around the world, and JAKKS’ beautiful Taylor Swift line is white hot, with fashion and singing dolls in Taylor’s signature new outfits.
* Hello Kitty: JAKKS’ new Hello Kitty line of products celebrates Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary and these beloved and timeless characters. For the first time ever, in honor of the 50th Anniversary, Hello Kitty and other Sanrio friends will be sold together in limited anniversary editions that will be every collector’s dream.

Preschool Toys:

* Real Construction: JAKKS continues to develop innovative new products that stimulate ideas for young minds, and Real Construction is a new construction activity brand that uses a durable foam material that looks just like real wood and allow kids to build extraordinary wood configurations in a safe manner.
* Block Builders™: KidsOnly! introduces the Block Builders™ Construction Site, an activity table that doubles as a base for all major building block brands! A great way for kids to develop their creative, cognitive and motor skills, this cool brightly colored table includes building blocks, connecting surface for easy building, and a handle for easy transportation that doubles as a lock for a sliding storage drawer for the blocks.

Disney® Consumer Products:

* Toy Story: To Infinity and Beyond! JAKKS’ Toy Story line-up features all the beloved characters in the movies and encompasses multiple categories including dress-up, role play, Halloween costumes, activity tables and chairs and a Plug It In and Play TV Games Motion video game based on the Toy Story Mania® ride at Disneyland! With Toy Story 3 premiering in theaters nationwide this summer, kids of all ages are sure to want everything Toy Story in 2010!
* Disney Fairies®: JAKKS proudly will launch an expanded line of Disney Fairies products for 2010! The beautiful and exquisite portfolio will showcase fairy talents, magical features, fairy friendship and Tinker Bell’s animal friends in a line-up that includes dolls, play sets, dress-up, role-play, Halloween costumes, plug and play, novelty items and more.
* Disney Princess Babies & Toddlers: Tollytots plans to launch favorite Disney Princesses as cute cuddly baby dolls and toddler dolls this Fall! Choose from Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Ariel and the newest Princess, Tiana.

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