Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Brief History of Werewolves in Plastic

The Wolfman opens this weekend, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to celebrate our furry friend in a non furry format.

The Mangler
- McFarlane toys' Spawn series 7 gave birth to this werewolf with odd proportions. The extended snout makes one think of a specific entry in the Howling series. Comic fans will notice he's the perfect stand in for the werewolf from Scud: The Disposable Assassin! This figure also has a redish variant.

Howling Wolfinica
- Yellow Submarine's Resurrection of Monstress like gave us female versions of classic movie monsters. Wolfinica has a little punk rock in her (as noted by the nip ring) and some Rat Fink-esque pets to keep her company as she jams on her guitar. Odd..or oddly hot? Wolfinica has a glow in the dark variant.

Werewolf by Night
- Toybiz created the ultimate figure pack for their Marvel Legends line with greats like Dracula, Zombie, Frankenstein and Werewolf by Night, all based on their appearances in Marvel comics. This MIGHT be the most articulated werewolf figure ever brought to mass retail.

Wetworks Werewolf
- Back to McFarlane, masters of monsters. Definitely a unique spin on the werewolf form, favoring the bulky body not unlike the American Werewolf in London monster. This particular figure can stand straight up or down on all fours. He comes in light grey, dark grey and brown.

- From Underworld, naturally! Mezco nabbed the license and everyone was clamoring for toys from the first film, but the crew were a little too ahead of their time and produced figures in the currently favored 4 inch scale. Woops.

Bram Stoker's Dracula Boxed Set
- Back to McFarlane who utilized their license to make more monsters, forgoing a shot at top hat adorned Gary Oldman. Instead, we get the bat creature and wolf creature who only stand properly on their bases included in this boxed set.

- One of Stan Winston's last line of action figures was rescued and brought to retail by NECA. Blood Wolves also included a more feral wolf creature Lycon and a more traditional werewolf, Wulv. Vereticus was definitely the cream of this crop and even comes with an alternate helmeted head.

- Ozzy Osbourne's Bark at the Moon is legendary among metal heads and we all know, McFarlane is metal. He's little, he doesn't pose well (or at all), won't stand unless pegged into a base and is pretty damn ugly...but it's the Oz we all bought it. Fo sho.

- Sideshow's Buffy the Vampire Slayer 12 inch line had some excellent pieces, including this Werewolf Oz, a San Diego Comic Con 05' exclusive. The line was hit or miss as far as likenesses go, but Ozwolf nailed it.

Werewolf Playset
- McFarlane again!! Their Monsters playset line created some excellent figures and playsets for them to rampage through. the Werewolf set even comes with my former boss, Steve Hamady, as a hapless hunter who is torn limb from limb. Make me clean out the Spawn van, will ya?!

American Werewolf in London Nightmare Demon
- He may not STRICTLY be a werewolf, but he sure looks like one. SOTA toys made 3 different demons for the film, but sadly never got around to making the wolf or his half eaten buddy. They did make a nice size wolf from Dog Soldiers though...and that almost makes up for it. Almost.

Note: George the Animal Steele, Todd McFarlane and Evil Christopher Walken are not werewolves..but we love them anyway.


  1. And don't forget the most badassest one of all, (the one I own!) another McFarlane creation:

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