Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marvel Comics: Cage Joining The Thunderbolts

Marvel just answered a lot of people's questions today! With this New NEW old Avengers team reforming and the Secret Avengers possibly containing renegade elements, where did Cage fit in? Jeff Parker had the answer.

"Though the Thunderbolts program fell way, way off of what it was intended for once Norman Osborn took it over, some great things have come of it," Parker notes. "And some people high up want it incorporated into the facility where all super-criminals will be incarcerated, in hopes of rehabilitating a few of these people. The thinking being, there shouldn't have been so many heavies for Osborn to get on his side recently, let's try to create more heroes. "There's fallout from recent events that needs to be dealt with, and also a lot of bad situations that were made worse by there not being a S.H.I.E.L.D. in place to handle things. There are ugly, nightmarish threats. But also there's a fair amount of dealing with life as a prisoner. Elements in the Raft still have influence, even locked away. You can imagine after working with pros like the Avengers, Luke is going to have a problem with an undisciplined team that doesn't watch each other's backs."

The Thunderbolts team is said to contain Juggernaut, Crossbones, Ghost, Moonstone and Man-Thing, just to name a few! Sounds like I'll be down for more trades. Kev Walker will handle the artistic duties. The "Heroic Age" for the Thunderbolts begins this May with issue #144. Hit up Marvel.com for the whole story!

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