Friday, February 26, 2010

Transformers: War For Cybertron Gameplay Trailer & New Info

As Activision gears up for their most insane Transformers undertaking to date, the crew dropped in on the Hasbro Toy Fair 2010 collector event to give us a sneak preview. What we saw was MIND BLOWING!! I'm not a big gamer guy, but I can tell you I'll be burning my thumbs up on this one. 1 Million years before the Transformers came to Earth. Play as Autobots or Decepticons at the start of the Cybertronian civial war. Optimus isn't even a Prime yet (but soon will be via battle termination of his leader). Watch as Bumblebee forms his alliance with Optimus. See Starscream swear allegiance to Megatron. One scene we witnessed had Optimus leading a team to activate lazer defenses to give his areal forces (led by Jetfire) a little backup. Deceptions seem to pour out of every gap in the technological landscape. Transformation appears seamless in the middle of battle. You won't be left unarmed or unprotected! Another scene we witnessed had Soundwave giving the command to charge into battle against the giant, monstrous Omega Supreme as he lays waste to your forces. The visuals are pure geek eye candy. The first confirmed Autobots are Optimus, Bumblebee and Ratchet and Starscream and Megatron for the Decepticons.

Heather Buckley asked the Activision rep about the game and was asked in return "What is the game we've wanted to play for 25 years? An over the shoulder action shooter with Transformation that tells the story of the war on Cybertron we've never seen. We've never really been to Cybertron. This is a pivitol moment in Transformers history. How did the war begin? What was the impetus for the giant rift? How did these alliances get forged? We have a GREAT story, excellent gameplay, a passionate developer and the time that we've needed to make the game that everybody wanted to play."

HB: What was it like to work with the original character designs?

Activision: We have all these original influences but this is a sort of revisualization. If we took the G1 designs and put them up on our high def TV's, it might not look quite right. They had to take some liberties with the G1 designs creating stuff that is instantly recognizable. Create something that is very familiar but really works will in this media.

HB: Tell us about Gameplay?

Activision: I don't want people to think the gameplay is like Gears of War. The control scheme is very much third person action shooter very similar to Gears. It's a control scheme that people are going to instantly recognize. You press one button to transform. The controls remain consistent. Looking right...looking left...the use of the triggers. You don't have to learn a whole new scheme just because you go into vehicle form. Honestly, we got knocked on the last time around. Everyone took it to heart and we said OK, we have to tackle the control scheme and really make sure that its right.

HB: Will we be able to go online?

Activision: There will be multiplayer, online co-op, a single player any time you can drop in/drop out of co-op with your buddies...we have another mode to be announced soon! There are some very cool features we have yet to announce about multi player. One of the number one requested features we've heard for multi player...we've managed to ensure it is part of the game, and that's what we'll be announcing shortly.

HB: How do you reach out to the fans to get this information?

Activision: We do studies, we comb the forums, we visit the fan sites..we go everywhere. We go to Hasbro and look at the data that they have. We go to any site involving Transformers and the video games and we listened to what they say worked and didn't.

HB: Who is your favorite Transformer?

Activision: (laughs) If you read past interviews I've done, I always answer Bumblebee.

HB: You should say Voltron.

Activision: Yea and get killed...completely annihilated by everybody. I'll do that.

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