Friday, February 19, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: Hasbro: Iron Man 2

Hasbro is gearing up for Iron Man 2 with a broader range of toys which delve deeper into Tony Stark’s little corner of the Marvel universe with new armors, more exclusives, more different types of figures and vehicles..well..basically more of everything since they know you love the tin man!

Action Figures: Dollar Stores will see a special line of 3 inch figures with limited articulation, exclusive only to those stores. The line kicks off with Mark 3 and 6 armors as well as War Machine as well as others we were not told about. Look for these March 1st.

 Collection 1 includes Movie series and Concept series armors. All items are based off of both Iron Man movies. 3.75 inch scaled figures each come with 3 armor cards. Collection 1 Wave 1 includes Power Assault Iron Man, Hyper Velocity Armor, Deep Dive Armor, Iron Man Mark 1, Mark 1, Mark 3, Iron Monger, Iron Man Mark 4, Light Up Mark 6 (press his head and his chest lights up!) and Iron Man Mark 6. Wave 2 includes War Machine, Inferno Mission Iron Man, Whiplash and Stealth Iron Man.

Collection 2 is the comic series, based off of designs straight from the Marvel books. Wave 1 includes Iron Man, Original Iron Man, Classic War Machine, Crimson Dynamo, Stealth Iron Man, Guardsman and Classic Iron Man. Wave 2 includes Titanium Man, Red and Gold Alternate Iron Man and Hulkbuster Iron Man. That’s all in the Spring and I’m told some have already started hitting stores. Wave 3 hits this Summer with Arctic Iron Man, Classic Iron Monger, Modern Iron Man and Silver Centurion. 17 Iron Man action figures and 5 supporting characters and villains are set to ship. All figures should retail for around $7.99.

Armor Tech Deluxe Action Figures provide a little more KaPow for your armors with a Negative Zone Upgrade Mission, Juggernaut Upgrade Mission and Shockwave Upgrade Mission. Armor snaps on, missiles fire..much fun!

Armor Cards are translucent, meant to overlay each other with arms and head, torso and legs combining to reveal a full armor. Fans can create 46 different suits of armor with these. Armor Cards can be used in the Rolling Battle Headquarters, causing them to light up and activate sound effects. SPEAKING of which, the Rolling Battle Headquarters is Tony Stark’s garage, only mobile. The playset clamshells open to reveal a wide array of features, including electronic lights and sounds, a projectile-firing Gatling gun, and a light-up computer monitor where kids can display their collectible Armor Cards. The vehicle comes with a figure, armor accessories and three Armor Cards. $34.99 this Fall.

For Role Play, 2 Arc Light chest pieces are coming in Mark 4 and Mark 6 versions. These feature power up sounds, light up and snap onto your shirt with no pins or other damaging devices. $6.99 each this Spring. The 3 in 1 Repulsor has lights, sounds and projectile blasts. Comes with 4 projectiles and the glove. $14.99 this Spring. The Iron Man Helmet blows anything from the past away with lights (light up eyes!), sounds, slow release visor and Jarvis giving you missions inside! Clicking a button on the side will cause the face plate to slide down over your face with sound effects accompanying. Then Jarvis starts taking to you and the lights come on inside. Pretty damn cool!! $34.99 this Spring (which is probably now in translation).

Rocket Boost Iron Man is styled after IM’s look on Super Hero Squad, standing a whopping 101/2 inches tall. He features flight and weapons modes pop up rocket pack (which is removalble), projectile missile firing, light up eyes, sound effects, mission assignments, an arc reactor in his chest and a repulsor gauntlet. $24.99 this Spring.

TONY STARCH is IRON MASH!! What can I say? It’s Mr. Potato Head. You will buy him or be vaporized. Nuff said.

8 Inch roto action figures coming in the Spring feature Iron Man Mark 6 and War Machine. Repulsor Power Iron Man features lights, sounds and projectiles. This seems to be like the large scaled IM we see in Toys R Us every day, updated for the new film. Micro Playsets feature the current and old school Iron Man heads that open with a tiny environment inside, little figures and projectiles. RC Walking Iron Man allows the user to strap the remote to their arm and make him walk, light up, make sounds and fire rockets from the figures arms and shoulders! $49.99 this Fall.



Walmart 6 inch action figures coming with Iron Man Mark 6 and War Machine to start with a set of alternate hands and projectile firing mechanism. More to come!

Target – 3.75 inch Hall of Armor each come with a light up display which are stackable and interlock. Mark 4, Mark 6 and War Machine start the line off. These are highly articulated figures inside the displays.

Toys R Us – Mighty Mugs with a Mark 6 Iron Man and War Machine.
Armor Up Missions 3 Pack in the 6 inch scale includes Space Armor, Desert Armor and Arctic Armor.

Kmart – Heavy Metals 3 pack of 3.75 inch figures includes Vibranium Armor, Omega Factor Armor and Bio Metal Armor.

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