Thursday, February 25, 2010

Irritating Internet Boy's Irritating Talking Plush

It won't surprise you to know I hit the toy isles at least once a week and while I'm there, I make a mental note of new products you'll want to know about. Yesterday, I saw something I never thought I would see in a financial climate like this. Most of you have no idea who "Fred" is and the rest of you wish you'd never heard the name. Fred makes videos of himself..makes faces into the camera...speeds up his voice...and a series of other things that would see him wacked in the head by any NY born father. Fred now has a toy line that mirror's his "unique" personality. What's next..Tila Tequila fashion dolls? The career series of those would be REALLY interesting! As yet, Barbie has no nude cam girl version.

Anyway, the Fred collection appears to have premiered already discounted. Maybe it started out as an internet exclusive and was then shuffled off to Toys R Us stores to provide a little discount flavor? Whatever the case may be, NECA and Mezco's toy lines have never created anything nearly as scary as these. The decline of the western civilization continues...

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