Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: Spin Master

They've got The Last Airbender! They've got Tron! They've got How to Train Your Dragon! Unfortunately, they didn't show any of that. Bummer. They did show the newest from Tech Deck, Air Hogs and legions of crazy little battle monsters we know as BAKUGAN (which is also the battle cry I yell at Uncle Creepy of Dread Central when we've both been working way too late). They also introduced us the the oddest pile of smush I've ever stuck my hands in...and I've had my hands in some very strange places. Do with that what you will and hit the links to see the magic!

Special thanks to Andrew and the Spin Master team for their time and attention!
Note: Items pictured are often not finished product. Final items may look different.

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