Thursday, February 25, 2010

And Now..A Message From DEVO

Our music content providers, DEVO, braved the northern winds of Whistler Mountain this past Monday to deliver a powerful offering of new and classic songs to the Olympic community, with fantastic results! The diverse crowd provided a perfect testing ground for the new outfits, a possible brand color (presented in the form of blue energy domes), and various new songs. Our agency partner, Mother LA, provided a researcher to observe the audience response, collecting pertinent data.

As the results of the official online Color Study continue to pour in, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your participation. Green has been an unexpected favorite, though red is still a strong classic candidate. We urge you to involve your friends and significant others throughout the remainder of the test.

As devolutionary momentum continues to build you may have also noticed that featured the song “Fresh” for a 24-hour limited download and has been streaming the song to the public. It is the first new song to be group-tested for possible inclusion on the coming album. We ask that you listen to it with an open mind and prepare yourself for the bigger upcoming survey which will feature samples from all possible songs, 12 of which will make the final "focus group approved" cut.

Until then, stay informed of public opinion by following our focus group process as documented by our corporate partners. Beginning with the Color Study, held in Los Angeles, CA, video sessions will be made available for your review. Only you can determine the future.

See the first video below.

Yours in de-evolution,

Greg Scholl, COO of DEVO Inc.

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