Thursday, February 11, 2010

POOLWATCH: Wade in the Heroic Age

Daniel Way and artist Carlo Barberi team up as the Merc with a Mouth enters a new phase of his life with the arc "Tricky, beginning in issue #23 this may. While everything in the Heroic Age is touted as being the rebirth of a shinier, less edgy Marvel Universe, well, that just wouldn't be Deadpool's style.

"As far as Deadpool is concerned, everybody's just biting his style, trying to get in on what he's had going for months," explains Way. "While that's bothersome to him, it also means-to him-that he's in competition. And that's something he likes very much." Wade's solution? "What's the easiest way to make yourself look good?" wonders Way. "Hmm...could it be to make everyone else looks bad?"

Way went on to tease a major guest star for a stellar Pool team up, remarking ""If I were to ask you which Marvel hero is least likely to team up with Deadpool, who would that be?"

Ooooo...cliffhanger. Read the whole story at

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