Monday, February 22, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: Hasbro: Marvel Universe

As much as I wish them away, Marvel Universe are here and people are buying them, so there is no end in sight! A pox on their tiny little houses. We hit Hasbro’s showroom at Toy Fair 2010 and learned Hasbro’s master plan for the line.

The numbers and waves reset for 2010 with the HAMMER files replacing the Fury Files and Mike Deodato creating the card art. Wave 1 has been in stores for some time now and wave 2 has been popping up with…

Black Widow (with short haired and Yelena versions on the way)
First Appearance Captain America
Luke Cage
Modern Thor
Extremis Armor Iron Man

Wave 3
Kitty Pryde with Lockheed
AIM Agent

Wave 4:
Iron Patriot
Skrull Soldier
Iron Spider-Man
Winter Soldier
Mary Jane with Miss Lion!

They also teased Thanos before revealing GALACTUS!! This monstrous 19 inch figure (which IS bigger than the 15 inch BAF Galactus) has lights and sounds and is packed with his favored herald, Silver Surfer. He’ll be on shelves in October but we suspect you’ll be able to buy him early at San Diego Comic Con, where I will take him home and call him Steve.

2 figure comic packs replace Secret Wars as it comes to an end with the FINAL WAVE. First in line will be..

Dark Phoenix and Cyclops, Dark Avengers Venom as Spider-Man and Dakken as Wolverine and Sentry and Spider-Man

Target gets the first round of exclusives this Spring with four 2 figure packs including Classic Iron Man VS Black Panther, Iron Man VS Punisher, Spider-Man VS Green Goblin and Wolverine VS Hand Ninja

For San Diego Comic Con, we’ll be getting an Ages of Thunder Thor and Ultimate Captain America.

Now I return to my hypnotic mind assault on the Hasbro execs to get them to make more Marvel Legends. Cary on.


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