Friday, February 26, 2010

NEW Iron Man 2 Toy Images

Once again, the insane world of toys takes a big action figure story and gives the exclusive to a site I've never heard about. Popeater showed off exclusive pics today of figures absent from the Hasbro Toy Fair showroom only a week ago. This also counts as the official announcement of figures for Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) and Nick Fury (Sam Jackson), as well as those we assumed we'd see (Iron Man and War Machine with removable helmets..or no helmet as they'll look like bobble heads with a helmet over those craniums), and Whiplash who we actually did shoot at the show. Still no word on the rumored, top secret 6th super-character as yet, but here's a checklist of links to our coverage so you can see what's been revealed so far...

Toy Fair 2010: Hasbro: Iron Man 2
Hasbro's Marvel Comics Toys at Toy Fair 2010
Diamond Select's Iron Man 2 Minimates at Toy Fair 2010
Iron Man 2 Drone Minimates


  1. The figures look good. As for your never hearing of you live under a rock? It's one of the largest entertainment news sites there is; it's formerly "AOL Entertainment." When they see their trackbacks, they'll wonder "Idle Hands????"

  2. I don't care if they know who I am. This blog is only 4 months old. For someone who follows horror and some geek movies and collectibles, they've honestly never come up. News like this should go to a page known for news like this..MTV Splashpage..Super Hero Hype. The pictures you see were shot by the PopEater crew. Can you honestly say it seems like they care that they have these figures first? Any toy site would have linked to a gallery of at least 50 pics of the figures from all angles. Not trying to start a flame war here..I just scratch my head at some of the choices that are made.

  3. pfffffft. I've never heard of "pope ater (what even is that?just kidding)" either, and I'm awesome. just sayin. also, I love this site. :)

    -Strap3.0 (

  4. They look good, the Black Widow looks nothing like Scarlet though ( if it did some people will use it as Viagra am sure of that) but they are pretty good. Fury's figure is awesome.