Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Species To Make Out With

Hey, Kids! Do you ever look at the work of H.R.Giger and think "Yeaaa...I could get down with that!" Ever draw pictures of the Alien Queen with heart bubbles all around her? Well then this article is for you!

Species by Roswell Japan co, ltd. 1/3 scale Resin kit and Art Statue sculpted by Y. Sano.

The Art Statue seems to be sold out at the source, but pre-orders are up on foreign websites, so it obviously has not shipped yet. The Resin Kit will still be making the rounds as a backup, but you most likely have to assemble and paint that one up, which is a task for only the most industrious among us. A glance around the Roswell site will reveal other garage kits of horror fan favorites like Macready from The Thing and a pretty killer take on the Bride of Frankenstein...among overly buxom, supremely muscled turbo vixens like Cricket and Bad Tabitha (seen below).

The style on SIL is certainly unique, but not far from the source material at all, so those of you thinking this is an overly-sexualized interpretation should go back and watch the movie again! Of course, the success of this piece may spur Roswell to make more in this style, at which point we'll see if they are capable of taking other horror icons to sexy town....~shudder~

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