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Toy Fair 2013: 5th Annual Best New Toys Revealed

After all that pre-show...TOY FAIR STARTS TODAY!!  Before we hit the main event in New York next month, we begin in the UK where companies are shaking hands with buyers to get you Brits the plastics you desire..all done while the lazy Americans sleep. Shameful. Let's kick things off with some pats on the back peppered with new toy reveals, shall we?

The fifth annual Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards winners were announced this morning predicting some of the top new toys for 2013. Winners range from classics like Scalextric (Hornby) and Star Wars (Hasbro) to state of the art futuristic technology such as HolograFX (John Adams) and TESKSTA – the robotic puppy (Character Options).

The twelve categories - which produced 34 winning toys from 24 different toy companies - were unveiled by Toy Fair organizers the British Toy & Hobby Association on the first day of the show this morning. Toy Fair is the UK’s only dedicated toy, game and hobby trade exhibition and is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

This year, Flair and Lego took top honours with three Best New Toy Awards. UK manufacturers Hornby and Golden Bear both received two awards apiece.
The Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards are voted for by a panel of independent toy retailers as the 2013 launches with the most potential to make a mark on retail throughout the year and beyond. The products include toys to suit every pocket, with a wide variety of price points on the list, from very affordable everyday pocket money spends such as Fingerwhips (Re:creation) or Peaceable Kingdom – Stinky Scratch & Sniff stickers (Stepping Stones), through to special event purchases like LEGO CHIMA: The Lion CHI Temple (Lego) or the Razor Berry Scooter (Re:creation).

Since their launch in 2009, over 150 toys have received a prestigious Best New Toys gong with UK company Character Options and Lego topping the chart with 12 awards each.

Over the last five years, the awards have earmarked a number of emerging trends and landmarks in the toy industry, from the birth of app toys and the growth of licensed toys, to official merchandise for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics. 

“We are delighted to showcase the Toy Fair Best New Toy Award winners for a fifth year in a row. Once again, the winners show the level of innovation and creativity within the UK toy industry, from traditional toys through to advances in technology,” commented Majen Immink, Senior Communications Manager, British Toy & Hobby Association.

The full list of Toy Fair Best New Toys 2013 is below.

Action Figures
Ben 10 Omniverse Omni-Net Omnitrix (Bandai)     £29.99     (STAND D35)    
Turtles Pop-up Pizza Playset Anchovy Alley (Flair)    £24.99     (E39)
STAR WARS Anakin to Darth Vader action figure (Hasbro)     £24.99 (E120)

The Trash Pack Ultimate Fighting Trashies Battle Arena (Flair)      £12.99 (E39)
Dinosaurs (Schleich)     from £6.99    (B121)
Horrible Histories Battle Arena (Worlds Apart)     £39.99     (B130)

Mega Construction Mega Workshop - Dune Buggy (John Adams)      £24.99     (G100)
LEGO CITY: Starter Set (Lego)     £19.99     (B70)
LEGO CHIMA: The Lion CHI Temple (Lego)    £89.99     (B70)


Disney Princess 3D Magic Projector (Famosa)     £29.99     (Gal420)
4M Glow-in-the-dark Fairy Buttons (Great Gizmos)     £11.99    (G20)
myStyle Jewellery (Interplay)     from £8.99     (G10)

Games and Puzzles
Spot the Sillies - Pesky Pirates (Gibsons)     £8.99      (G101)
Disney Hedbanz (Spin Master)     £14.99     (E131)
Don’t Rock the Boat (University Games)  *Pictured at the top*   £14.99     (F10)

Doc McStuffins Time for your Check Up Interactive Doll (Flair)     £39.99     (E39)
LEGO FRIENDS: Heartlake City Pool (Lego)     £39.99     (B70)
Style Me Up! - Color Freedom (Wooky)     £4.99-19.99     (Gal200)

Aqua Dragons Underwater World (Brainstorm)     £11.99     (D2)      
Scalextric Demolition Derby (Hornby)     £99.99     (D11)
Airfix QUICKBUILD (Hornby)      £9.99     (D11)  

Freezy Squeezy (Character Options)     £12.99     (E119)
Woolly and Tig Poseable Woolly (Golden Bear)     £14.99    (E69)
Craft Party – Pirate Party (Interplay)     £24.99     (G10)

Helmuttz (H Grossman)      £16.99     (E49)
Razor Berry Scooter (Re:creation)     £49.99     (E160)
Boomaring (Wicked Vision)     £9.99    (E100)

Pocket Money
Fingerwhips (Re:creation)     from £4.99     (E160)   
Peaceable Kingdom – Stinky Scratch and Sniff stickers (Stepping Stones)     £1.99     (GH26)

Go MINI HQ Playset (Golden Bear)     £29.99-34.99     (E69)
Woofer (John Crane)     £35.00     (E20)
Police Headquarters with Alarm System (Playmobil)     £69.99     (Gal. 210)

Youth Electronics
TEKSTA (Character Options)     £59.99     (E119)
HolograFX (John Adams)     £34.99     (G100)

If you want more info on anything you see above, give a shout in the comments and we'll shout across the water for you. Toy Fair 2013 is just getting started so grab a snack and plant your butt! If you want a look at what we've already shown, hit up out Flickr Galleries!

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