Thursday, January 31, 2013

The World War Z Super Bowl Spot

Mere days ago we announced Jazwares would be bringing a horde of 6 inch World War Z zombies to pegs at your local plastic pusher and now, we get another taste of what this insane movie will be like. I, personally, am psyched...tower of ant-like undead be damned...I'm digging the intensity of this movie. Paramount wants us to get in on the fun without the hardship of sitting through all that foosball nonsense, so we get to watch the World War Z Super Bowl Spot early!! Let's GO...

The world is never prepared for fast zombies. June 21st, watch the whole system come crashing down as the ravenous infected attack in nearly unstoppable numbers. Gerald Lane (Brad Pitt) stands on the front lines recording the unfolding horrors and fighting to survive the experience.

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