Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stop Motion HALO and WOW Mega Bloks

Two things we love here at Idle Hands...animation and construction toys! Apparently Mega Bloks has been exploiting these loves for some time now, right under our noses, and we never knew it. Ahh..the geek universe...she is too vast to see the end of it. At any rate, when we discovered these stop motion epics, we had to share. The HALO bit is pretty lengthy as it is multiple parts spliced together, so be prepared. The World of Warcraft bit is the last episode in a series, but it has a recap at the beginning, so we figured you'd get the gist. If you want to see the WHOOOOLE thing, I'm sure there are plenty of links at the tail end of the vids. 

Keep watching for everything Mega Bloks has in store for 2013 as we head into Toy Fair Season!!

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