Sunday, January 13, 2013

Iron Man 3 Pre-Orders Drop

We've been quick on the draw with any Iron Man 3 toy news, to be sure. Here's the rundown...

- CLICK HERE for the initial lineup we dropped back in November
- CLICK HERE for the first images of the action figures
- CLICK HERE for a look at Tony Stark's killer ride

Now Entertainment Earth has a full breakdown of those series we've been kicking around for weeks now, giving names to those armor plated faces.

Iron Man 3 Assemblers Series 1: 14 "Connectable" figures with multiple interchangeable pieces to deliver maximum customization.

Iron Man Mark 42
War Machine Movie Version
Iron Patriot
Stealth Tech Iron Man
Hypervelocity Iron Man
Starboost Iron Man

note: of course we are making assumptions that these are the figures that match the names, as "official" pics have not yet been released

Iron Man 3 Action Figures Series 1:

Hydro Shock Iron Man
Cold Snap Iron Man
Ghost Armor Iron Man
Shatterblaster Iron Man

Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Series 1:

Classic Horned Iron Man
Heroic Age Iron Man
Iron Patriot

They've also got listings for "Iron Flyers" which are probably Hasbro's answer to the Superman: Man of Steal ships that launch foam figures, and "Micro Muggs", those pudgy, stylized figures, which are now blind bagged. Are US consumers ready for bind bagged figures? Retailers have been carrying low priced mini figures for some time now in a blind bag format, so we'll consider it a test for Hasbro, and if it succeeds, be prepared for a lot more mystery figure fun from everyone else! Yay not knowing what your buying. woo

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