Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : Sherlock is Coming

Big Chief Studios are getting in on the Toy Fair teaser business you love so much...and by love I mean hate with the passion of 1,00000 burning suns. NO TEASING!!! Anyways, our favorite 12 inch action figure making Brits dropped a teaser today that looks an awful lot like Benedict Cumberbatch sporting his "Sherlock" TV show look. What does that tell us?


Not much more news to it as this is, after all, a teaser. We will note that Big Chief only sells their products online, so if you like what you see, today is a good day to dive into their website HERE and scoop up their amazing 11th Doctor and Amy Pond 12 inch figures, or that 10th Doctor figure we showed HERE that had one female friend of ours clutching her ovaries. I admittedly don't know exactly what that means, but I assume it is a sort of happy feeling. We'll assume this mini Cumberbatch will trigger a similar clutching of womanly parts. A little birdie told us Sherlock will definitely have a friend to solve mysteries with, so keep watching for that reveal!

We've still got a small mountain of UK Toy Fair goodness to sort through as the companies begin to send us all their teasers and pre-show reveals, so keep checking back often and follow us on Twitter at or (if you want your news faster and don't mind mildly psycho chatter.)

You can also dive into our picture galleries as they go live RIGHT HERE!

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