Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Marvel Universe Packs Hitting

Our friends at Amok Time got the jump on three Marvel Universe 3 packs you've all been waiting for ever since we caught a first glimpse of them at San Diego Comic Con, which generally means we'll see them in stores any day now. SO..for those who have anxiously been waiting for more 3 and 3 quarter inch Marvel madness, we've got...

The Uncanny X-Men set with Wolverine (brown costume, Rogue, Longshot and X-Babies Cyclops!
The West Coast Avengers set with Mockingbird, Hawkeye and War Machine ....and
Inhumans set with Karnak, Black Bolt and Medusa

Figure fans will note the Alpha Flight tease on the back of the X-Men package. That would surely be a welcome upcoming set, seeing as how Puck and Guardian have individual releases already, but the future of the line is not looking too good.

As we went over in past articles, 2013 is jam packed with Iron Man 3, Avengers Assemble (the animated series), Ultimate Spider-Man (also the animated series), The Wolverine and we assume Thor: The Dark World...all having action figures in a 3 and 3 quarter inch scale, which doesn't leave much room for a mighty Marvel Universe in the same scale, especially when Marvel Legends is back in full swing. One look at current pre-orders will suck the hope right out of your heart. Diamond lists only 1 series landing this March, though other online retailers are quoting a February drop. The series includes Puck, Nova, Nighthawk, Angel, Hercules and Spider-Man...because how could we live without another Spider-Man action figure. (Wokka)

Stay Tuned!!  February and Toy Fair will be here before you know it!

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