Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Megaforce

 We are ankle deep in 2013 now, so expect the Toy Fair news to start flowing While we wait for someone to open the flood gates wide, Mega Bloks gives us a sneak preview of their new Power Rangers Megaforce line, but more specifically, at the new figures that are busting out for it!

Our new collection Mega Bloks Power Rangers Megaforce will be hitting stores this Spring. One of the new things we’ve done this year is completely re-imagined our figures from the ground-up with a focus on action and battle poses.

In addition to both the arms and legs using ball joints, we’ve added articulation to the ankles! This makes the figure easy to manipulate even while it’s attached to block pegs, and adds a surprising amount of posing diversity. Check out some more poses we did:

Keep watching Mega for the latest on their killer building sets!
We couldn't wait so we started Toy Fair 2013 a little early! CLICK HERE to dive in!

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