Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: LEGO Minifigures Series 10

As we continue our Toy Fair 2013 coverage across the pond for the UK portion of the festivities, we've had a selection of images not unlike those we see of that damned Yeti who won't stand still long enough to shoot him (pictures I mean...we'd never kill a Yeti. I loved Harry and the Hendersons.) Pictured are the newest batch of LEGO Minifigures..series 10 we all their glory..albeit from a puzzling angle. Hell, we'll take what we can get!

We've squinted hard over the images sent in, selected the least ghost like one and can make out the following (feel free to laugh at our names)...

Bee Person (guy?)
Sea Captain (Quint!)
Painter with roller
Bald Headed Professor
Roman Centurion
British Colonial Soldier with a musket
Female Warrior with a spear
Scuba Steve
Dramatic Clown (in white face with the tall cone hat)
Female....Scientist? (lady in glasses)

We are also seeing a guy in a baseball cap, a form that could almost be golf clubs in front of a dude in a red beret (or red hat) and glasses (Patton..or for the sake of not giving him his real name..The General? i'd heard he liked golf..though the red beret usually indicates Airborne), another figure falling from the sky (skydiver?), a blonde woman with glasses (celebrity?) and someone with a mohawk and red glasses. Pardon if we've listed a type that has already been made..we aren't experts like the Brickset crew who have stated that come series 11 or so, we will see a "Golden Minifigure" hidden in the boxes, which you are encouraged to hunt for. To sweeten this pot, here are images of LEGO Minifigures Series 9!

UPDATE!: Thanks to ActionFigureInsider, we've got an almost 99.9% solid list of names for series 10...

Sea Captain
Sad Clown
Bumblebee Girl
Roman Commander
Warrior Woman
Tomahawk Warrior
Baseball Fielder
Revolution Soldier
Motorcycle Mechanic
Paintball Player

...and series 11...

Evil Mech
Lady Robot
Jazz Musician
Holiday Elf
Bavarian Lady
Mountain Climber
Tiki Warrior
Gingerbread Man
Dinner Waitress

SECOND UPDATE!: A reader spotted some images online originating from showing mock ups of the series 10 lineup slightly different from what we are seeing on our UK Toy Fair wall. It is believed this lot of minifigures pictured was meant to be possible picks for series 10 or 11 or both at an early stage. What WE got on the wall was the mohawk taken off the Motorcycle Mechanic and put on the Tomahawk Warrior, his spear given to the Warrior Woman, the Motorcycle Mechanic got that red hat I was talking about, the golf clubs in front of him was Medusa's head, Scuba Steve was the Paintball Player, the Bee guy is actually a Bee Girl, the Scientist MAY have become the Librarian or they just switched lineups, the unidentified falling guy is the Skydiver and the rest you can see pretty clearly. We'll put the pics next to each other so you can make your own assessment.


For more LEGO goodness, check out our opening day article on the Best New Toys of 2013 which revealed the LEGO Legends of Chima Lion CHI Temple and the LEGO Friends: Heartlake City Pool. More to come!

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