Friday, July 12, 2013

SDCC 2013 Exclusives: My Little Pony DJ PON-3 Preview

It's the ultimate trap. Shiny. Sparkly. Pretty. Glowy. In a world full of adorable cartoony products to buy, Hasbro stepped up and said...we can make them better...we have the technology.

As we rapidly approach the all encompassing black hole that is San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro fires the first shot at your hard won geek dollar, providing us with a sample of their newest My Little Pony Madness-Making Exclusive which, very fittingly, has a sort of Borg name. DJ PON-3. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!! Call it... the Uber Pony. This one has it all. Iridescent paints, glitter, Swarovski Elements, a magnificent, punk rock pony mane and...believe it or not...6 tons of attitude. ON A PONY!! This little boxed exclusive is sure to drive your Brony brothers and sisters wild with jealousy, turning each into a Gollum who will jump around your room screaming for the keep it hidden...keep it safe. Should you incur their coveting, the only way to stop their charge is to blow their minds by pressing the button up front cleverly labeled "press here". One press triggers four lights which will render all assailants immobile. "Soooo...pretty.." they'll mutter as drool slides out of their gaping jaws. A second press sends the lights into a rhythmic dance. Heads...exploded. Now all you need do is clean up the mess and enjoy your 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. ENJOY!


MY LITTLE PONY 2013 Special Edition Pony
(Approximate Retail Price $49.99; Available through, MY LITTLE PONY Fair and Convention, and Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)
Turn the tables with this year’s special edition MY LITTLE PONY figure, sure to be a cherished fan favorite in 2013! Inspired by the popular DJ PON-3 character from the animated series “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” this white unicorn stands six inches tall and ready to rock, featuring music notes for a cutie mark. The DJ PON-3 figure will make a shining addition to any pony collection as she’s embellished with SWAROVSKI ®ELEMENTS on her glasses and horn, and glittery accents that shimmer across her molded blue mane. The special edition MY LITTLE PONY figure will be available this year at the MY LITTLE PONY Fair and Convention and San Diego Comic-Con. Following both conventions, a limited number will be available on

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