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SDCC 2013: The World's End Panel

It's not every day we even have the time to consider sitting in a panel in the middle of the madness that is San Diego Comic Con, but when Edgar Wright calls, we come a'runnin. Emilie Noetzel beams in her report.

Chris Hardwick hosts Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

Matt smith was at the World's End party last night. Chris Hardwick thinks the movie is fantastic, says it did feel like it had a Doctor Who element to it. "Retitle it Doctor Hooch as it has Doctor Who element" Says Edgar. Simon Pegg feels like Gary (his character) is like the "Dark Doctor." Gary is a bit of dick, villain and hero, nutcase... Dickishness is explained. Gary is stuck in the 90s. Their Tardis is beer. Nick Frost is Andy, the buttoned up character. They play different character (types) as they wanted to change it up. Nick Frost says he (Andy) is a hardnut. They say they are closer to their Shaun characters (in real life).

The "Cornetto Trilogy" is so named as it joins all the movies (amongst others things). The Cornetto is something Edgar Wright had post partying on a Sunday morning. Strawberry is blood, blue is police, choco-mint green is aliens. This concept was born from an interview. Edgar Wright said he thought of his series like the "Three Colors Movies" (red white and blue).

When the crew made Shaun, they did not think they'd make 3 movies. They were so proud it made it outside of the UK. They made 3 films without any American stars and kept it British. "Sometimes you forget breaking wind isn't funny to everybody" said Pegg when talking about how they are friends and this is all based on what they find funny.

There will be short cameos in the new film...and one really good one!

Nick's message today is "fuck around", based on the fact that they made movies separately but got back together. (We suppose he means don't be afraid to break away and do your own thing. You can always come home.) These movies make up a trilogy because they are all in the UK, all friends, all in the here and now. This doesn't mean they will not work together again, it just means themes and setting will change. No more perpetual adolescence.

So what type things could be next for them? Edgar is doing a spinoff... ants hero, abdo man and the mighty thorax in fabulous 3D (fake announcement of course). Pegg says they thought of World's End on press tour for Hot Fuzz. This movie is about friends reuniting after a long time apart, like them (in real life)!

And now for the Q&A

To Simon and Nick: Please stop making us wait so long.
Answer: ~Laughter~ It's totally worth it. It is good to make you wait.

The World's End was written while shooting Star Trek Into Darkness.

Q: Who do you find completely hilarious
A: Pegg: Lonely Island, Parks and Rec, Modern Family.

Nick: I like Simon, Edgar, Larry Saunders on rerun. (does an excellent impression of Saunders)
"Would you like a light meal" was a run on joke for Nick and Simon on a flight recently.

The crew is traveling all over. Soon Montreal. (Fantasia!)

Q: Simon and Nick: How often do you stick to the script?
A: Everything they find funny in rehearsal is added to the script, but when filming they keep to the script. No time to improvise - Frost. Edgar and Simon write the script, Frost adds his ''fairy dust'' to it and then they give script to cast.

Q: Martin Freeman looks fantastic. How did you fit the movie into his schedule?
A. He shot for 2 months/ went away and did promo for Hobbit, came back to shoot more scenes.

Q: Can the new movie be turned into a drinking game?
A: You would die.... take a drink every time one of the characters takes a drink.

Q: Goodies-esque center of the earth style movie?
A. They love those movies, named a bunch. .... the answer is maybe per Wright.

Q: All of your movies are known for comedy. What was the most challenging scene for each (film/person)?
A: Wright: This movie was pretty challenging as lots of action scenes and they try to push themselves.
Pegg: Took days and days to shoot, created ''pub foo'', broke his hand while jumping over a bar.
Hardest scene in Shaun of the Dead- Where he shoots his mom.

Hardwick: Shooting schedule must be hard.

Wright: Had 3 months like Hot Fuzz, but more to shoot.

Q: Asks about the themes in the films

Shaun was about evolution. Hot Fuzz about devolution. World's End about revolution said Pegg.
Pegg : In Shaun, he has to evolve, in Hot he has to devolve, in World's he has to change.

Q: Favorite movie/role for each

Edgar: All hard, can't pick. Just finished the film 3 weeks ago, so still getting a kick out of this.
Pegg: Has fun playing Gary King, he is a... a fool. Compared to Shaun and Nicholas Angel, King has more layers.
Frost: Enjoyed being Ed, but not a big stretch. In World's End, his character is more challenging. An angry man with an atomic bomb inside. Nice to play someone smart and angry. Action nickname is the ''pink hulk''.

Q: Will you ever revisit "Spaced?"

A. Maybe you should sit down - Pegg
Wright: Don't think so, wants to keep them as 26y.o
Pegg thinks they could retroactively spoil what they did then. Some of the cast is in World's End though.
Frost: They couldn't fucking afford me right now. ~Chuckles.

No clip to see to avoid spoiling it as much as possible. There is a three Cornettos mix clips package by Mike Realms. Scenes from Shaun, lots of violence, set to music, scenes used as part of music. Scenes from Hot Fuzz to music with bit of movie as lyrics. Cornetto in all parts. Fences, failing to jump em in all movies. World's End, scenes from trailers, nothing new. Will be online soon.

Lurch from hot fuzz is hound in game of throne. (MIND BLOWN)

Q: Do you feel like people who are British get more of the movie?
A: Wright: We tried to teach things.

Q: Due to how films are edited and shot, do you ever watch the film at the end and are surprised with results?
A: Wright: It's always great watching for the first time. This time they shot in chronological order.

Q. Superman/Death of Superman film in the future?
A: Max Landis did this already. It was fun.
Wright suggested Button Lady vs Machete to make right now

Q: Mr L. Pub crawl, what type beers would you like on a pub crawl?
A: Wright: The movie put him off of beer. Now wants wine.

Q: Aspiring filmmaker, any tips? (This got weird fast)
A: Wright: Have more chance of being seen now. Keep experiencing.. keep trucking ahead. Never give up.
Hardwick: Ignore Youtube comments. To trolls, Your is a possessive.
Wright: Button Lady will vanquish all the trolls.

(Clearly I'm not a big enough fan because I have no ides who Button Lady is.)

Q: Cried when the movies came out. (on the panel, giant laughter) When Simon wrote his book, they were amazed at how he was able.... Forgot question, what is advice to do what you do?
Wright: Gotta write something that makes you laugh, use own experiences. It makes it about real experiences. Don't write about what you think people like, but write what you like.

Q: How many Cornettos have you eaten collectively?
A: Random numbers thrown out - End of Panel

So what have we learned today? Lurch in Hot Fuzz is The Hound on Game of Thrones and we are to call Nick Frost "Pink Hulk" from now on. Worth the price of admission alone.

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