Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Eye Candy for Amazing Spider-Man 2

**Obviously some spoilers ahead if you were trying to go into Amazing Spider-Man 2 clean!*
Popping up all over the internet and said to be from Empire Magazine (though they usually put a giant watermark on all their stuff) come a small stack of images set to make you droooool in anticipation for the next Spidey epic. Did you catch the bootlegged ASM2 trailer from San Diego Comic-Con 2013???!!  Yea..neither did I. TEASERS!! Share with the rest of the class next time, please and thank you. Anyyyways, we know we are a little late to the party with these, but we can't miss a chance to make fun of the little lightning bolt on Electro's arm. It's...a little silly. It would be like Spider-Man putting a ^Caution: Webs fly out from here ^ sticker near his wrists. YES we know...danger...the fucker is named ELECTRO. I think we got it. I'm also still scratching my head over the pull back to the classic look on Spidey's outfit. Yea, we hated the last one before the film was released but it worked, so why go backward? It reminds me of the droid army on the Star Wars prequels. went from expendable droids to human troopers? Hows that workin out for ya?


We've got Electro, Rhino and the introduction of the Osborn family with a rumored third act appearance of Green Goblin...leading to an alluded to Amazing Spider-Man 3 all out war with The Sinister 6!! It's a great time to be a comic book geek! Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd,  2014

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