Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tour 80's NY with Eddie Brock in "Truth In Journalism"

Fan films are a realization of someone's dreams...about someone else's dreams. You grow up loving a comic book character and one day, find your love is shared by like minded individuals and before you know it, there's a script and cameras and the rest is Comic-Con history. The results are...often mixed. While all show undeniable passion for the source material, some shine just a little brighter. Today, we take a look at "Truth In Journalism" in which an indie camera crew which follows morally corrupt scumbag reporter Eddie Brock through a vintage 80's New York City. It's mean spirited, authentic feeling and funny as all hell.

Truth in Journalism Starring Ryan Kwanten (with a killer cameo from Derek Mears), Written and Directed by Joe Lynch and Produced by Adi Shankar and Sam Balcomb

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  1. I heard that Denis Sergovskiy is actually the Visual FX Venom! Did you see what happened to his Facebook Page today?

    Looks like Venom took over his account (lol). He posted some pics from the set. I also just saw his Twitter:

    AWESOME! I’m a huge fan of VENOM and Denis. He would be PERFECT for a Venom movie. Make it happen Marvel!