Friday, July 19, 2013

SDCC 2013: Preview Night Cosplay

We are a liiiiiitle bit behind the show, but hey, my people like free drinks and that means the pics come in at 3am..and Paul's gotta pay the bills by daylight. We'll kick off the show coverage with a small stack of Preview Night Cosplay pictures courtesy of the always excellent Nicole Marrokal. There weren't many people in costume in that first flurry of Comic-Con passion as the doors opened and a Tsunami of dork rushed onto the convention floor, but as fate would have it, the queen of cosplay herself, Yaya Han, managed to be out first the Baroness no less. I swear she's stalking me...she just doesn't know it yet. SO! We've got the 1st Slave Leia, the 1st Harley Quinn, a sexy Vader and...a bunch of costumes I can't identify...but one thing is for sure. If this is just a sampling of the talent at San Diego Comic Con this year, we are in for some fun. Hit the jump for the pics!


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