Monday, July 15, 2013

SDCC 2013: Applehead Factory's Teddy Scares Exclusives

Applehead Factory is excited to reveal the details of their Teddy Scares/San Diego Comic Con exclusive! This year, dressed to the nines in her wedding dress, Annabelle Wraitha makes her first appearance at the convention! With her heart in chains Annabelle searches the trash dump for her lost love. Until they are reunited, her soul will never rest.

The newest bear in our line of Teddy Scares, Annabelle is 8” tall and irresistibly plush. She is grossly attired in a real, fabric, wedding dress emblazoned with the San Diego Comic Con logo. She features silver, clanking chains and a removable head to strike fear in the hearts of all who cross her path!

As a special bonus, each Annabelle doll comes with an Agorables T-shirt and a numbered 1” Teddy Scares Pin. The whole package is priced at only $20.00! Annabelle is limited to only 250 pieces, so get your Teddy Scares exclusive before she disappears forever!

 Also, for the super collector, we are doing a special promo this year (only 45 pieces) of The Creator's Crate Series for $90 bucks –  you get a handmade crate, a 12" bear with an original hand drawn sketch screen printed on a mini t-shirt for the bear, and a certificate. With so few pieces, this is sure to sell out quickly, so make your way to Applehead Factory’s Booth #4923 at the start of the show!

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