Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SDCC 2013: DC Collectibles Preview

Tomorrow, folks will start a line that wraps around the San Diego Convention Center and on down the street, clogging traffic and giving many a pasty nerd a bit of a reddish tinge upon their cheeks. As they sit in line, the internet will be their friend, and those ninjas stealthy enough to slip into the con early will begin shooting away, sending little bits out to Twitter, Instagram and Facebooks ...but only juuust enough to drive those in line into a frenzy...especially if those in line are press waiting to get in the legit way. Now, we could wait til tomorrow like everyone else...but why wait til tomorrow when we have a little preview guide to DC Collectibles' 2013/2014 releases?? You wana wait? Cuz I don't wana wait.

Now...if you are a DC Collectibles die hard, there's a chance you've seen most of this. We aren't claiming first dibs on any of it...as we all have jobs here and don't pay 100% attention to every release, nor do we get updates on upcoming releases from DC. Just be aware as you look...some will be from Toy Fair...some will have been shown in between then and now...and some will be pretty new 2014 drool fodder. Let's roll.

Batman: Arkham City Statues:

Nightwing - Summer 2013 - 8.8" tall
Batman - Fall 2013 - 10" tall
Riddler - Fall 2013 - 10" tall

Batman: Arkham Origins Action Figures:

Bane - Fall 2013 - 8.25" tall
The Joker - Fall 2013 - 6.8" tall
Black Mask - Fall 2013 - 6.75" tall
Batman - Fall 2013 - 6.75" tall
Deathstroke - Spring 2014 - 6.75" tall

Infinite Crisis Statues:

Atomic Wonder Woman - Fall 2013 - 11.25 inches tall ...and holy damn..she's got a Football bra. I will fall to my knees before the first girl I see rocking this Cosplay. mind. blown.
Nightmare Batman - Fall 2013 - 10" tall
Arcane Green Lantern - Fall 2013 - 11" tall

DC Comics Cover Girls Statues:

Batgirl - Summer 2013 - 10" tall
Supergirl - Fall 2013 - 10" tall
Batwoman - Fall 2013 - 9.4" tall
Huntress - Spring 2014 - 10" tall


DC Comics Icons 1:6th Scale Statues:

Cyborg - Spring 2014 - 11" tall
Batman - Spring 2014 - 10.25" tall

DC Comics Bombshell Statues:

Poison Ivy - Fall 2013 - 7.35" tall
Harley Quinn - Fall 2013 - 10" tall
Batgirl - Spring 2014 - 10.5" tall
Black Canary - Spring 2014 - 10.6" tall

In the words of Tex Avery's favorite wolf...awoooga.

Justice League Chess Set: Fall 2013:
with Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Sinestro, The Joker, Black Manta and Reverse Flash vs Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, Aquaman and The Flash. 99% sure these are New52 designs.

Vertigo Fables Bookends - Spring 2014 - 8.25" tall

Batman Black and White Statues:

Batman by Greg Capullo - Fall 2013 - 5.75" tall
The Joker by Gred Capullo - Fall 2013 - 7.25" tall
Arkham Origins Batman - Fall 2013 - 6.25" tall
Earth 2 Batman by Nicola Scott - Spring 2014 - 6" tall

Wonder Woman: Art of War Statues: Wonder Woman get's her own line of statues in line with the Batman Black and White and Superman Man of Steel statue lines, meaning we can expect your iconic heroin in looks from top comic artists throughout her history.

Wonder Woman by Jim Lee - Spring 2014 - 7.25" tall

Superman: Man of Steel Statues:

Superman by Kenneth Rocafort - Spring 2014 - 7.25" tall

Swampthing Deluxe Action Figure- We saw this colossal bit of awesome back at Toy Fair, but it's so pretty we thought we'd show it again. Conspicuously absent in the book is the even more impressive Solomon Grundy figure that looked like he could eat other figures, but we hear breakage on the larger, beefier figures (like Arkham Killer Croc) caused DC to go back to design and make the pins studier, so perhaps that has pushed back production? Nice to hear a company sorting out their issues!

DC Comics Super Villains Action Figures:

Captain Cold - Fall 2013 - 6.8" tall
The Joker - Fall 2013 - 6.75" tall
Black Manta - Fall 2013 - 7" tall
Black Adam - Fall 2013 - 7.75" tall
Deathstroke - Fall 2013 - 6.8" tall

DC Super Heroes vs Super Villains 7 pack: Fall 2013 - Features Aquaman, Flash, Batman, The Joker, Captain Cold, Black Manta and a new Catwoman.

Suicide Squad Action Figure 3 pack - Spring 2014 - with Harley Quinn (6.6' tall), Deadshot (6.7" tall) and Captain Boomerang (6.75" tall).

Arrow Action Figures: not much more on this line other than HERE IT COMES! Kicking things off with a 6.8" Arrow action figure Spring of 2014

Greg Capullo DC Action Figures: All Spring of 2014

Batman (6.75")
Nightwing (6.75")
Talon (6.75")

...and finally, a statue commemorating that moment Superman and Wonder Woman made out. Aww.
Superman and Wonder Woman: The Kiss - September 2013

Holeeee crap it's going to be a hell of a show...as it always is! I'm not even going and I'm already working my ass off. CLICK HERE to dive into our gallery of San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusives and see what kept me up for the last 2 days! 
Check the site every day and be sure to let us know what else you'd like to see!

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