Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Riddick: Blindsided Animated Short

More like a motion comic, but there's a little CGI face wiggle in there. SO! Just about one month from now, we'll be running alongside Riddick as he is hunted and turns hunter on those who were previously...hunting...him. Lots of hunting is what I'm getting at. Now, the only question left unanswered...what happened after the Conan-esque ending of Chronicles of Riddick??!! The Lord Marshal was slain and Riddick, exhausted from the supernatural battle and loss of, most likely the only thing he ever loved, slumped back into the nearest chair...that was actually a throne..and one he had just paid for with a life. The legions of Necromongers in the hall that day took a knee and vowed their allegiance to their new leader. Hit the jump and find out what happened next...

Gotta love Necromonger Wolverine! Riddick: Rule The Dark hits theaters September 6th.

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