Sunday, July 14, 2013

SDCC 2013: And Now a Word From Godzilla's Keepers...

As San Diego Comic Con 2013 comes lumbering toward the geek world like the three headed, engine of destruction known as Ghidorah, one titanic lizard seems to be headed straight for it. WHO SHALL WIN!!! Well...of course San Diego Comic Con will win as thousands flock to its doors, paying tribute like a dork-Mecca. Legendary Pictures knows that if you want the full devotion of the geek masses, you must make a big noise at this what bigger noise can be made than the roar of GODZILLA??!!  They've been teasing a presence at the show for months now and recently started throwing around the web address.....annnd we are no closer to knowing what that means for you lot heading to San Diego than we were last week. Is it going to be a sort of interactive running thing like those folks fleeing the zombie menace last year? Could beee. Will it end in a teaser for Godzilla the movie? Possiblyyyyy. In one week, all will be revealed. Until then, here's Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards standing amid the wreckage of the most famous collasal monster of them all...with a message.

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