Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SDCC 2013: The Godzilla Encounter

A lucky few journalists have just completed a run through the Godzilla Encounter, set to open its doors at San Diego Comic Con 2013...or rather just outside of it. The experience appears to be part Godzilla museum, sure to blow the head off all your hardcore fans, part eye candy with visuals warning of the creature's coming around every corner and part immersive fun house, complete with a ramen noodle shop and business men eating there, reading their paper, paying you no mind. We've also got word that Godzilla looks...pretty much the way he is supposed to look and the roar is spot on. Everyone can breathe now!! Pics after the jump...

NOTE: None of the pics above are "him". I'm sure that reveal will come soon enough.

Thanks to killer posts from Frosty of Collider, MTV Geek, Marc Graser, Nerdist News, and Silas Lesnick . Follow them throughout the show for insane coverage.

and to top it off, some pics from outside earlier yesterday...

Hit up for more info!

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