Sunday, July 21, 2013

SDCC 2013: Marvel Studios: An Evening with Loki and Winter Soldier Insight

It's hard to believe there is only ONE DAY left to San Diego Comic Con 2013! I've been going for nearly 12 years straight now, broken by this year's lack of funds to make the trip...and it sounds like I picked like a hell of a year to sit this one out! The Marvel Studios panel is probably still washing over those fans who were in Hall H a short time ago, and well it should. LOKI JUST ASKED THEM TO JOIN HIM IN GLORIOUS BATTLE!!! Yes..while I sat in New Jersey, sans pants, as Emi caught up on Once Upon a Time Season 1, Tom Hiddleston took the stage dressed head to to as Loki and the crowd damn near lost their minds. He paced the stage and asked "Where are your Avengers now??!!" The crowd went berzerk. "Pledge your loyalty to me." One man in the audience shouted NEVER as the women around him were practically throwing their panties. To prove that man was outnumbered, Lokie said three simple words. "Say my name." LOKI came the chant. " name." LOKI came the call. "SAY MY NAME!" he demanded with arms raised. LOKI came the screams. "It seems I have an army" was his resolute parting remark as he motioned to the screen about to show the Thor: The Dark World footage and left the stage. Wish you were there? Holy damn man...I'm right there with you! We've got the next best thing...

Onto Captain America: Winter Soldier...

From the Marvel Studios Live Blog: Chris Evans is talking about how Steve is adapting to the modern world, where it's harder to know what's good and what's bad than in the time period he's from. Chris and Scarlett really share this movie, according to Kevin Feige. We get to learn a lot more about the Widow and what her life is like. Scarlett Johansson said the action in the movie is gritty and very down to earth. Chris Evans describes Cap and Widow's relationship as being "an odd couple." Sam Jackson says Fury views Cap, Widow and the other as "co-workers, subordinates, tools of justice," but that he cares about them. Him and Cap understand each other, they're both soldiers. Anthony Mackie says Cap 2 is all about Cap and Falcon "handing out the business for 2 hours." "I got wings and guns. That's all you need, right?" The film's tone is derived from '70s political thrillers, and Robert Redford was a part of that. They keep really close to the particulars of the character of the Winter Soldier from the original Brubaker comic story. Footage shows the Helicarrier going down, lots of badass Black Widow stuff, Winter Soldier, epic Cap moments and Falcon. Cobie Smulders: "This movie picks up after "Marvel's The Avengers," in a world that's dealing with the revelation of these bigger threats out there. SHIELD and Maria Hill are trying to find their way in this world."

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