Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Iron Man Deep Dive Armor

Back into Hasbro's Iron Man 2 action figure line with the third Concept Series armor. These will be the pieces that are the most sought after as the line continues, as you can't build a hall of armor without those wild designs for every occasion!

06: Iron Man Deep Dive Armor - Crushing pressure prevents all but the toughest tech from ever venturing to the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, some villains have access to such technologym and Iron Man is the only hero high-tech enough to stop them! In the past, Marvel toy fans would balk at the mention of a pretty, baby blue armor with silver accents but in the past, we'd be talking about a standard Iron Man figure repainted in these colors with swim fins and a trident or some such nonsense. THIS is a brand new sculpt of heavy duty looking armor with great lines and a fair amount of articulation for a bulkier figure. All points move freely, save the hips which are blocked by some pods stuck to the legs. Any attempt to try and squeeze out a little more posing with the hips in play will result in you messing these pods up. The Deep Dive Armor also comes with a snap on torpedo launcher that shoots a projectile, a stand and his three armor cards.

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  1. The deep dive armor is pretty awesome, interesting they do fguers that never appear in the movie. The color in the back card of the armor is way too Viagra blue but wel color schemes are sometimes wrong