Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mattycollector Re-Issuing DC Universe Classics Metallo Wave

DCU Fans,

Back in 2008, we released Wave 5, which was an instant success and subsequently pretty hard to find. If you missed your chance, mark May 17th on your calendar, because Wave 5 is coming back!

This release is identical to the one in 2008 − same package, same decos, not a single change to the figures. Like all our boxed sets, these are individually carded figures packed into a single box. The set has the five figures you need to build a 9” Collect and Connect™ Metallo figure. Take a look inside and you’ll find these classic characters ready to rock your collection:

* Eradicator
* Black Lightning
* Amazo
* The Riddler
* The Atom

Well fantastic. Definitely a step in the right direction. Now if Mattel can get their price points in order, we'd be back on track. I have little confidence that the price for this set on Mattycollector will be at the original per-figure price as when they were first released. I've all but pulled out of the Mattel lines myself due to unjustified price hikes on figures that showed no improvement, which is a shame as I was a rabid collector of DCUC, Justice League Unlimited and Infinite Heroes. You've got to put your foot down at some point, and 10 dollars for one JLU figure is the line.

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