Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Iron Man Power Assault Armor

Moving on with our looks at Hasbro's Iron Man 2 action figure line, we'll check out the first Concept Series figure.

04: Iron Man Power Assault Armor - Some conbat zones are too hot, even for Iron Man, That's why he built this super-reinforced Combat Zone armor. Tougher armor and heavier weapons mean no place is too dangerous to do battle. To be honest, Hasbro can make concept armors all day long and I'll probably buy 80% of them as long as they don't feature day glow parts and swimmies. This gear is far more appealing than the standard armor added details found across the board. Think of all the weapons already hidden in the basic armor. Now, strap on shoulder gear, arm guns, extra boosters in the legs and whatever else you want to fantasize about in those jacked up areas! The Power Assault Armor also comes with a snap on missile launcher for OVERKILL MODE!! I made that up too, but it sounds cool, so let's keep it. All swivel articulation moves freely, as well as elbows and double knees, but the shoulder and hip hinges on my figure are locked. After some work, I got the shoulders moving (discovering the shoulder armor pops off) but those hips won't budge. You also get that peg hole in the back, so look forward to strapping on MORE weapons!


  1. How many figures does the Concept Series has? By the way I've posted about the other Iron Man 2 action figures and War Machine of the Comic Series line.

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