Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot Toys Expands Iron Man 2 Lines

If you are an action figure junkie, you know Hot Toys makes the best 12 inch figures in the world. When they said they'd be continuing their Iron Man movie line with pieces from IM2, we said "Sure, just have my paychecks directly funneled to your sales team. I'll live off Top Ramen for a month. " Now, Hot Toys is looking to grab the cash we earmarked for ketchup packets as well.

Hot Toys is proud to present the 3 inches mini Cosbaby series from the Iron Man 2 movie. Each cosbaby stands approximately 3 inches / 7 cm tall, featuring your favorite Iron Man 2 movie characters in baby forms and their unique designs in special format.

Designs inclusive: 7 designs + 1 secret version
- Iron Man (Mark IV version)
- Iron Man (Mark VI version)
- Tony Stark (Mark IV version)
- War Machine
- Whiplash
- Black Widow
- Nick Fury
+ 1 secret version

Special features: Snap kits with joint articulations (Note: simple assembly is required)
Amazing detailed accessories - Release date: end Q2, 2010

I need all of these. Thank you. Oh..and there's also this...

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