Friday, March 26, 2010

The Plenty of Fish Conspiracy

Maybe Conspiracy is a strong word, but you'd think the people behind this popular free dating website would give their members a break and find some other companies to advertise. Who takes up the bulk of it now? PAY DATING SITES!! I could be wrong and they are just porn sites, as you might think by the look of the images they choose for their lead ins.

So you are a man looking for a woman on Plenty of Fish. You click on your inbox and above your messages are two lines of thumbnails for the pretty ladies in your area, completely chosen at random. Enticing, yes? Next to them...two adds for pay dating/porn sites featuring gargantuanly boobed women with tiny little waist lines AKA the "ideal woman" or so modern media would have you think. Here's a perfect example...

So my Friday moan is this. Plenty of Fish, you aren't doing your members any favors with these adverts right next to the REAL women. If your goal is to make them look less appealing in comparison, then good job. Lord knows what the guy pics look like when someone searches for men. 12 pack abs and a bulge in tight jeans that looks like he's captured a glow worm? I'm in trouble.

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