Friday, March 5, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Iron Monger

Annnnd we are back into our look at Hasbro's new Iron Man 2 action figure after a brief detour to attempt a social life. I know..for shame. Today we'll take a look at the biggest of the bunch...Iron Monger!! No, the monger isn't making a surprise appearance in IM2, to my knowledge but if you haven't been paying attention, Hasbro has taken the opportunity to crank out the best of Iron Man 1 in this line as well. Let's jump right in...

07: Iron Monger - Jealous of Tony Stark's success, Obadiah Stane creates the Iron Monger armor to destroy him. It is bigger and far stronger than Iron Man, but still incapable of beating the hero: for the real difference between the two suits is the men inside them. Awww. The Iron Monger design is bulky and unwieldy, so it makes sense the action figure should be so too. Hip joints swivel but can't spread and knees bend on single hinges, but only slightly. Most of the action is in the upper body with full range of motion in the shoulders, upper bicep swivels and wrist swivels for head crushing action. Even that little peanut of a head turns a bit. If you are someone who likes your little plastic battle scene to be more in scale, you may want to pick up one of those 6 inch scaled Iron Mongers that have been collecting dust on the pegs since movie 1. He towers over your 3.75 inch shell head, his colors seem more accurate AND if you get the one with the opening cockpit, you'll find the Stane figure inside seems to be the right scale for the line! If you are looking for posability though, 3.75 Monger has his big brother beat. It should also be noted that Monger doesn't have the hole in his back the IM armors do, but he does have foot peg holes. Iron Monger comes with a stand and three armor cards.

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