Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wolverine on Board for NEW New Avengers

I love it when a plan comes together. Yesterday we speculated that Wolverine would join Luke Cage and Spider-Man on this NEW (seemingly old) New Avengers team, as running alongside Captain America, Thor and Iron Man into Marvel Comic's "Heroic Age" seemed counter-heroic. Marvel loves to point out that he's a killer and calls in the character whenever someone needs to pull the trigger, so best to put him on a secondary team and bring him before the big guns only on occasion as not to sully their reputation. Odd, yes, but makes sense in a comicbooky way.'s Wolverine in that newish techy costume I'm still not crazy about. Why do they keep fixing what ain't broken? You'd think he'd just run around in a t shirt and jeans since he knows half his costume will be blown away mid-fight anyway.

So who is left from the old New Avengers and who might join them?
Ronin/Hawkeye - Is Marvel really wants to return to the glory days, the core Avengers need their archer.
Spider-Woman - I'm a little behind in my trades, but I believe she's with SWORD now? I'd put her with She-Hulk's new group so she can throw some more angst into the mix
Ms.Marvel - Marvel has never really developed a Wonder Woman character, which Ms. Marvel would be perfect if they are going for their own JLA, they'd need her on board.
Captain America - With Steve back from the dead, Bucky is left without a role, so New Avengers might be an interesting place for him to land, especially considering his past with Wolverine. Of course, he'll be Bucky or Winter Soldier (a retarded name fo sho).
Sentry - Marvel's schitzo Superman doesn't have a place on a bright and shiny Avengers team and he would de-humanize the New Avengers bringing too much power to the table. My guess is he'll be one of those characters in the background that pops up for the big shows for a WOW moment.

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