Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Activision sets the stage for Spider-Man's return to your favorite console. Shattered Dimensions allows you to play your favorite web head in 4 different realities. Two have already been revealed, the Noir, depression era Spider-Man tale and the current Amazing universe. Gamespot got the skinny with an exclusive teaser trailer showing Kraven the Hunter and Hammerhead among the baddies you'll get to pummel senseless.

So two more realities remain a secret. Which reality would you like to run around in??

Marvel Zombies - Not very likely, even though we'd all scream for it. Who the hell would he battle?
Ultimate Universe - Very likely, even though teenage Spider-Man isn't far from the cannon universe.
Spider-Man 2099 - Very likely they'd have one universe back in time and one forward.
House of M - LOVE this idea. Opens up a whole new world of battle possibilities in a reality where Magneto is royalty and super heroes are rock stars.
1602 - Back in time to a medievally universe where Spidey has a frilly neckerchief. Very cool visuals come with this universe, but I'm not sure a game developer would find the action they are looking for.

I'd vote for Zombies and House of M, but I'd put money on 2099 and House of M. Place your bets!

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