Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Iron Man Hypervelocity Armor

Once again we dive into the high tech world of Tony Stark with Hasbro's Iron Man 2 action figure line. Am I still fiending for 6 inch Marvel legends scale goodness? Yes. Did you notice I put Marvel Legends in there so it wouldn't read that I'm fiending for 6 inch goodness? Yes, I know you did. Now we'll take a look at the second concept series armor.

05: Iron Man Hypervelocity Armor - When a mission is too sensitive for iron Man to be seen, he breaks out the Black ops Armor. State-of-the-art stealth technology lets him get in and out unseen and do what needs to be done in total silence. The HV armor is arguably the slickest of all the designs thus far with a seemingly heavier plating profile and silver accents against a muted, darker red. It all makes Iron Man look just a little meaner. This figure also comes with a killer snap on missile launching shield that looks like it could take off and fight Crimson Dynamo on its own. All joints on the HV model are tight enough for posing but loose enough that I could actually utilize them. The shoulder armor is attached this time, so feel free to lift his arms up without losing those little pieces across the room.

I feel like I've been holding out when I don't talk about the base and "armor cards", but there really isn't much to tell there, so we'll get this out of the way for the lot. The back of the stand has slots of each of the cards, lining them up to assemble the armor. Mix and match these with other cards to create new armors and then claim the designs as your own when boasting at your local watering hole amid the gentle strains of Ogre shouting NERRRRRRRRRD!!! in your ear.

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