Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Iron Man 2 Action Figures: Mark II

Hasbro's Iron Man 2 figures are on the pegs today, so we'll take a look at the hefty starting lineup with lots of eye candy and a little commentary.

02: Iron Man Mark II - Packing the pinnacle of technology into a sleek, armored frame, the Mark II suit is everything Tony Stark could want. Amazingly fast and powerful, it is a near perfect weapon system, though it suffers from a slight icing problem at high altitudes. The Mark II is the first attempt at the Iron Man armor with all Stark's technology at his disposal and Hasbro recreates the sleek lines and a sort of "no frills" package with above average articulation, tight joints and a snap on missile launcher. My figure has a bad habit of shedding his hands, though they don't just drop off when he's standing there. His shoulder pieces also pop off when you lift the arms too high. Over all, this is a sharp little figure with a lot of play value and a peg in his back for add-ons that probably come in those deluxe packs. There is something aesthetically pleasing about the Mark II design and when a company keeps the paints tight and cares to turn out a well balanced sculpt, it makes the buying decision a no brainer.

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